Wedding by the Sea

Hi Guys, This is for the whole world to know: Mairah & Felycia and their team are the best !!! No, seriously – we met a few wedding planners and had email conversation with many other Bali wedding planners. And we actually after talking to so many outright incompetent planners at some stage wanted to even cancel our wedding plans for Bali. So we were very happy when we met you and that you even brought us to another wedding which we could watch from behind and see the magic you guys are doing, It was also very helpful that you set up so many villa inspections for us and found the perfect one for us. You were also exceptionally fast and accurate in answering all our queries via email. So it came as no surprise that our wedding days was all that were hoping for. It all went without a glitch and we were so happy that we had chosen you guys. Keep up the good work. Mr. M + Mrs. M


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