Frequently asked Questions

In addition to reading this FAQ we encourage you to visit the BALI WEDDING BLOG, the most comprehensive resource on destination weddings in Bali. There you will find answers to almost any question you may have on weddings in Bali.

Q: Can you give us some more information about having a wedding in Bali ?

A: Yes, of course and with pleasure. You should head over to the BALI WEDDING BLOG . There you can learn everything there is to know about having a destination wedding in Bali.

Q: Can I get legally married in Bali without a religious ceremony?

A: Sorry, that is not possible because under Indonesian law a wedding can only be legal if a religious ceremony under one of Indonesia’s officially recognized religions is carried out.

Q: Are you a legal business and are you part of any trade association?

A: Yes, we are a legally registered Indonesian company. And we are part of the SOCIETY OF BALI WEDDING PROFESSIONALS, Bali’s one and only trade organization for destination weddings in Bali.

Q: What are the best and most popular wedding venues in Bali ?

A: That is very difficult to answer. Because Bali has several hundred wedding venues and new ones are being added all the time. Also, Bali offers several different kind of venues. Those include Villa Weddings, Hotel & Resort weddings, Chapel weddings and beach weddings. And for each category there is an abundance of options. To learn more about the various options for a Bali wedding please refer to the following article: Bali Wedding – where to start

Q: What time of the year is best for a wedding in Bali ?

A: Generally, it is better to hold your wedding during April – September, which is Bali’s dry season. And we suggest not to have your wedding during December, January and Febuary , which is the height of the rain season. If you plan to have a wedding during the rain season, you should have a plan B , in case it rains. You can learn more about plan B at this article: A Bali wedding in rain – what to do and prepare – what if it rains on the day of your wedding in Bali ?

Q: Can I appoint / bring my own vendors or do I need to use vendors you suggest?

A: Of course, you can bring your own vendors. No problem. Many wedding companies in Bali rely on huge commissions they get from vendors they appoint for you. They therefore will push you to appoint their suggested vendors. We are different – you have all the freedom. If you want us to suggest vendors for you we will do so. But we are also perfectly happy with any vendors you choose and appoint yourself.

Q: What happens if for some unforeseen reason you are unable to be at my wedding ?

A: At EASY Bali Weddings there is always a team involved in planning  arranging and organizing your wedding. After you signup with us one of our Senior wedding planners will be assigned to be in charge of all activities involved in planning and realizing your wedding. Besides your Senior wedding planner other team members are also involved at all stages of the process. If for whatever reason your wedding planner falls ill or is otherwise unable to be at your wedding another team member will take over. And, because that other team member has been involved from the outset she will easily be able to take over, without you even noticing that there was a change. But until now such a situation has never arisen.

Q: Can I also have a small, intimate wedding in a villa ?

A: Sure, why not. But please keep in mind that most villas suited for weddings have at least 4 bed rooms or more, which you will need to book for 3-5 nights.

Q: How many people can I invite to a villa wedding ?

A: Most Bali villas that allow weddings have large gardens. Up to 150 pax will not be a problem. Some of the larger villas can accommodate weddings with up to 500 guests.

Q: How many wedding coordinators will you have on site on my wedding day ?

A: For weddings with less than 15 guest there will be 1-2 of our wedding coordinators on site. For weddings with 15 – 30 guests we will have 2-3 coordinators on site. For weddings with over 30 guests there will be 3 or more coordinators on duty.

Q: Do you only plan and arrange villa weddings or do you also do other weddings such as chapel weddings, beach weddings, hotel & resort weddings?

A: We specialize in villa weddings or weddings where at least a part of the wedding is held in a villa. However our sister company also offers other weddings, such as Hotel / Resort weddings, beach weddings and much more.

Q: How long in advance should I be starting to plan a wedding in Bali ?

A: We recommend 12 – 8 month in advance. Less than 3-4 months will be difficult because especially during high season many venues will be sold out and many vendors may also not be available anymore.

Q: How much does a wedding in Bali cost ?

A: How long is a piece of string ? How heavy is a rock ? It depends! There are so many variables that it is impossible to give even a rough estimate. However, you can get a fairly accurate idea on what your wedding in Bali will cost by reading the following article and the other articles referenced therein: How to budget for a wedding in Bali ?

Also please bear in mind that quality and level of vendors in Bali varies greatly. Consequently prices for those vendors will also vary greatly.

Q: Is a destination wedding in Bali legal and recognized in my home country ?

A: It depends on your nationality. For most countries it is possible to get legally married in Bali. The procedures and the involved institutions vary. Let us know your nationality and we will let you know. If you wish to get legally married in Bali you should also read the following article: How to get legally married in Bali ?

Q: Do you do weddings outside of Bali like Nusa Lembongan or Lombok ?

A: Sorry, we don’t do that.

Q: Can you help us also to find accommodation for us and/or our guest for the time we are in Bali ?

A: Yes, we can. And we welcome your inquiries.