Bali Villa wedding services

Venue Consulting

There is a vast selection of villas and estates available for your wedding in Bali.
You may prefer beach front, cliff front or a lush greenery – villa. You may want to have a villa with 4,5,6,8 or more bedrooms. You want your wedding villa to be in stylish Seminyak, or in quiet Sanur, hip Canggu, or on a cliff in the Bukit region or cultural Ubud.
We will show you the available options and advise on all you need to know about a particular villa. We will help you to understand the various terms and conditions that may apply for different villas.
And best of all we will negotiate the best possible price for your wedding venue.

Vendor Selection

For wedding services such as catering, décor, photography, makeup & hair, etc… there is a bewildering selection of vendors for you to choose from. The quality and trustworthiness of vendors in Bali varies greatly.
Therefore, it may be difficult for you to make a judgment of from overseas about those vendors.
We have been working with many, many vendors and are in a good position to make recommendations based on our experiences with countless vendors. We can help you to find reliable quality vendors that will meet your expectations and work within your given budget. But of course we also welcome any vendors you may appoint on your own.

Venue  Inspections

We recommend you to come to Bali to see which venue best meets your expectations. While this is not mandatory, it can be useful to see for yourself which villa in Bali is ideal for you.
We can arrange venue inspections and wedding consultation. There can be quite a lot of things to be discussed and we are happy to lend our advice as to how your expectations can be best met. During such a visit to Bali we can also set up food tastings with caterers and meetings with potential vendors.
But, we would like to emphasize that we can also arrange everything for you without you coming to Bali before the wedding day. Let us know how we can be of service to you.
Legal Wedding Services

For those couples who wish to get legally married in Bali we will advise on all the required documents and procedures. We will then help you to submit the necessary documents to the authorities involved. Should you be required to visit your consulate in Bali we will make the necessary arrangements. We will bring you there to ensure smooth processing of the involved documents.
We will also submit documents to your country’s embassy in Jakarta should this be required.
Budget Planning

Based on your preferences and choices for venue and vendors we will assist you to work out a realistic budget.
That way you can rest easy that there will be no ‘nasty’ surprises or unexpected fees popping up in the last moment.
Based on our large network with venues and vendors we are in the position to guarantee you the best possible prices. We can also make the necessary deposit payments on your behalf.
On the Day

Based on your preferences we will work out a detailed schedule of events for your big day.
On the day our team will be present at the venue from the time when vendors start to set up until your dinner reception ends. We will supervise and coordinate with all involved vendors to ensure all is perfect on your big day.
Our team will ensure that everything is perfectly set up and that all the events of the day are in accordance with the agreed schedule.
Our chief wedding coordinator will be with the bride and groom most of the time to ensure a stress-free wedding day. You get married and we do the rest.

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