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About YOU

EASY, stress-free destination weddings in Bali.
Professional, competent, reliable and honest.

This is our promises to you !

We will bring to your wedding: 
  • Over 5 years of experience to make your wedding look good and feel good.
  • A firm commitment to excellence, adherence to the highest possible work ethics and dependable services.
  • Expertise & knowledge about Bali’s most professional vendors.
  • Strict adherence to your budget and no nasty, last-minute surprise fees
We only take on a limited number of weddings per year to ensure undivided attention to planning and arranging your wedding.

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Your Team

Felycia Amanda


Felycia, is the co-founder & co-owner of our company. She also acts as our managing director.

Felycia brings with her over 6 years’ experience in Bali’s wedding industry. In late 2013 she started to provide a complete range of wedding services to brides from all corners of the globe.  Felycia has conceived, planned and coordinated some of Bali’s most awe-inspiring weddings. Over the last 2 years, Felycia has been focusing on our Indonesian clients.

Felycia has been studying in Taiwan and in China and graduated in international hospitality management from Blue Mountains Hotel and Event University. Besides her mother tongue Indonesian, Felycia speaks fluently English and Mandarin Chinese.

Felycia divides her time between Bali and our Jakarta office. She is therefore also available for meetings with our ever-growing Jakarta audience.

Bali Wedding Planner Felycia

Mairah Bali Wedding Planner


July Bunga


July heads our team and she will be your main contact and plan and arrange your big day in Bali.

July has done dream weddings for hundreds of couples from around the world. She is a patient listener and a very inspiring person.

She will be your advisor, your guide, your friend in bringing all your ideas together and plan the perfect wedding in Bali.

She also knows all too well how to handle budgets thereby ensuring that you get the best value for your hard-earned money.

Working with couples to create their wedding day, seeing the day take shape and the bond of two people getting married grow in the process is what makes her so passionate.

She will help you, make suggestions and provide you with all the options available for your dream wedding.

Nina Bertha


Nina brings with her over long standing experience with international weddings in Bali. She used to work for one of Bali’s longest established destination wedding companies before joining our team. And it is the experience with international weddings she gained that has made her such treasure for our team. She is involved already from the early stages of planning your wedding in Bali. Whether its making the calls to book a venue or to find information about vendors, Nina is an outstanding coordinator and a person who can organize things. She is also very hands-on on the wedding day and she goes through great length to fulfill every bride’s wishes.

Her patience and endurance are legendary. Nina is a born coordinator! She is extremely good with people. She always keeps her cool, even in stressful situations. Those skills have proven invaluable on many weddings when challenges arose. Her foresight and her skill to anticipate situations are a tremendous contribution to our team’s performance.





Kadek is another one of our staff. He is always on call to assist our team in carrying out their duties. And he used to unusual tasks and requests. Whether its ironing the groom’s shirt, finding grandma’s spectacles, or other small, yet vital tasks Kadek is always on call on all weddings we arrange. He usually remains in the background and you may never see him. Yet he is always ready to take on those small and sometimes big challenges that come with every wedding. ….

Prior to joining our team Kadek has worked in several renown restaurants in Bali in various roles. There he has learned how to make guests happy. A skill that has proven to be very valuable to our operations.

Pak Selamat


Pak Selamat as he is called around here is our man for everything. Its hard to define his role. Pak Selamat sometimes assumes the role of our driver and on other days he is the good fairy who makes magic happen when it comes to last minute arrangements. Pak Selamat has studied economics and he is indeed known to always find an economical solution to whatever challenges are thrown at him. He however prefers to pull the strings in the background and you will not even notice his presence on your wedding day.