Making it easy all the way

You feel a little intimidated by the thought of having the most important day of your live happening thousands of kilometers away from your home?

All those choices and options for weddings in Bali are quite overwhelming, if not confusing. It is hard for you to make sense of it all.

We hear you, we totally get it! You are not alone!

Many brides and couples have felt exactly that way when they started to think about their wedding in Bali.

Our name: Easy Bali Weddings was not chosen by chance. Easy is our commitment to you. From the first email you get from us, until the day you leave Bali, we will be with you all the way.

We cannot promise you 100% perfection. Nobody can! But what we can promise you is that we will not spare any possible effort to make your wedding in Bali it as good as it can be. And make you feel easy and relaxed about it.

What we don’t take easy are your hard earned dollars. Because we believe that your money must buy you the best possible venue and best vendors available in Bali.

We are not merely your Bali wedding planner, but your partner who will serve you with professionalism, integrity and honesty.


First and foremost we will help you to find the perfect venue that can accommodate the kind of wedding you envision. We then help you to find and appoint the right vendors for catering, florist & decor, entertainment, photography, video, makeup & hair, etc… And we will, on your behalf negotiate the best possible deals with all the parties involved.

You want your Bali wedding to be easy ?